About New City Catechism

This year, our church will be studying the New City Catechism, a set of 52 questions and answers that cover the basic doctrines of our faith. Each week, we'll briefly review a question and answer in our morning services, with opportunities for further discussion, study, and prayer during Sunday School and Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting. 

To learn more about the catechism, you can visit Copies of the catechism and the companion devotional are available at the church or through Christian Book Distributors or Amazon. You can also download the New City Catechism app, which contains all of the materials in the catechism and devotional. 


Why a catechism?

From the early Church to Protestant Reformers to early American churches, Christians have used catechisms to teach doctrine for centuries. Catechisms can be used for adults or children and provide concise responses to important questions of faith. Pastor Phil examined the benefits of using a catechism in the Church and in the family in these two sermons. You can learn more about the strengths of The New City Catechism by watching this video in which Pastor Phil interviews former missionary and seminary instructor Dorie Nielson. You can also hear Pastor Tim Keller talk about the value of catechisms in this video.

How can you get involved?

In addition to reviewing a question and answer during our Sunday services, we'll offer several opportunities to dig deeper:

Adult Sunday School class (starting January 21 at 10:15am): Taught by Pastor Phil and other church leaders, this class for all ages will allow time to discuss a question and answer and to pray about applying it to life.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting (starting January 24 at 6:30pm): Our weekly prayer meeting will include a shorter time of discussion and will emphasize prayer in light of the doctrinal truths being studied.